Break out the multi-level secret weapon?

3,000,000 unemployed in the UK and homelessness up to record highs in the USA


I was at a networking meeting the other day for one of the Uk’s better energy and telecom providers, and I got talking to a guy, and asked him why he joined a network marketing company, “I lost my pension in the 2008 crash”!  A story all too common these days.

After two years in the network marketing business he had managed to pull in a residual income of well over his retirement fund, and this is an offline business opportunity, he was actually happy it had happened, as it gave him the motivation to really strive for success, a kind of make or break passion for it.

Why since 2008 have so many network marketing companies almost doubled their profits while other more traditional companies have fallen and gone bust! Does the answer lie in higher and higher targets very low if any motivational incentives, leading to unhappy and unmotivated staffing problems, coupled together with a falling economy rising prices and all the other inevitable consequences to an out of date system.

Or is it that? With the arrival of social media and the Internet the ability to share ideas and business opportunities with people from all over the world offering highly motivational incentives to people who can actually build their OWN home businesses and break free of the soul destroying rigmarole of the modern life rat race. Is just a better solution? The freedom of information brought on by the Internet has educated us all and we can no longer say we are kept in the dark, network marketing offers us a way off a road that is going nowhere very fast and is surely the marketing solution for the future.



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  • Danilo Mamone May 10, 2012, 5:13 pm

    Hello.This article was really motivating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this issue last couple of days.

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