How to embed YouTube video into WordPress

This is great for tutorials, or adding a bit of spice to your blog.


Write your blog post, as it’s a good idea to save everything you do in WordPress,  write the post in word first, when you’ve done that, go into your wordpress dashboard, select new post,  under post, and paste your post into your editor.Then go to youtube and select the video you want to embed, you’ll see a share button when you click on that you’ll see another button saying embed, click on that and just underneath you’ll see your html code, before you copy that, scroll down the page a little more and you will see you have a choice of different sizes, for most two column blogs 560×315 is ok, mine is a little smaller 510×287 you have a choice to customise the size here as well.

Great now you’ve picked the size you want, copy that html code and go back to your wordpress  post editor, select the place you want the video to appear by placing the curser in the right place, you’ll see at the top of the editor an html option so click on that, now you need to paste the code in the right place so find the last sentence, the one before the place you want your vid to go and place the curser at the end of any code and paste the code there!

Remember where you put the code incase you have to delete it later. Update your post and view page.


Your vid should be in the right place, check it all works and you can view the vid on full screen, if you can’t see the full screen option you may have to re size the vid back in youtube and repeat the process, remember to delete the previous html code though if you do that, you may have to try a few different sizes until you get it right, if you have any other problems, it maybe your using an older version of wordpress and you should update it, I’m using wordpresss 3.1 :)

Good luck and I hope you found this useful don’t forget to share!

Thesis Mechanic & Site Construction Engineer. Tom Is an enthusiastic Wordpress Thesis designer and web developer. loves coding and playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar!

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