To blog or too website

Do you build a web site or blog?

This has been one of the biggest questions in internet marketing circles for a long time now.

There’s an awful lot of controversy and discussion about this subject all over the web, and in all honesty there is no real answer. So much comes down to what you are marketing! For example, if you’re an established business owner and you have a cast iron product that rarely changes and very little time for updating and article writing! Then you may be better off with a static website, or, if you are a marketer with multiple products that are constantly changing or getting upgraded then you may be better off with a blog site!

What’s the difference?

Well, a website tends to have static pages full of information about you and your related products. where as a blog tends to have one page where you are constantly adding new posts (articles) a blog can have static pages and in reality a blog is a website with a posting page!

As far as difficulty building your website or blog goes, it used to be said, that a blog was much easier than a web site, although with the appearance of various new site building platforms such as SBI, Joomla or WordPress – all possible without the need to know HTML or CSS coding, this can no longer be said.

With a blog it is necessary to constantly write new articles in order to keep your readers interested, the great advantage of this is that every time you write a new post it is listed and ranked as a page with the search engines, meaning that if you have one hundred posts (pages) of valuable content on your blog then you are likely to have far more exposure than let’s say, a ten page static web site and of course the whole idea is to get as much exposure as possible! Each page of a blog is designed to attract the reader into taking a subscription with you, either through RSS feeds or use of an email auto response system keeping them constantly updated on your activities. The disadvantage of this is that it takes a lot of work and time. Something most people don’t have much of!

Of course, with the time available the best thing is to have both, using the blog to piggyback your website this can also help with search engine optimisation SEO with two popular sites of similar content linked together. Google and other search engines are going to put both in a higher page ranking.

Some people say that a blog post has a time limit on its page ranking with search engines and others disagree, saying that they have had blog posts written years ago that still rank highly. One thing to consider here is whether or not the product has gone out of date, in which case you don’t want the page ranking highly or you update or delete the post.. :)



Thesis Mechanic & Site Construction Engineer. Tom Is an enthusiastic Wordpress Thesis designer and web developer. loves coding and playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar!

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