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Thesis custom function file.

Oh no the hair pulling fingernail biting syntax error moment just after you added some coding to your custom_functions.php file. Whatever you do WordPress has well and truly blocked you out, hey you can’t even find your login page it seems to have floated off somewhere into cyber heaven never to be seen again, along with all your work! Don’t worry calm down make a cup of tea all is not lost. The first thing to do is find the file you unziped when you first downloaded the Thesis theme, that’ll be the Thesis theme file, the original, if you dont have this then you really are in trouble! Open it up and you should see two folders and a few files inside, one of the folders is called custom-sample so open that.Inside you should see three folders and three files, one of the files being another custom_funtions.php file, as long as you have that you can breath a heavy sigh of relief, this is the file that you need to drag and drop into your FTP program, but not yet.

Next step is to go on over to your FTP and locate your custom folder, this is the one you had to change from custom-sample to custom when you first activated Thesis, ok found it? If you open it you will find two files inside called custom, the first is custom CSS and the other is your broken custom_funtions.php file.

Follow this path


This is where you’re going to drag and drop the original custom_functions file, but before you do that you need to rename the broken one, just right click on it and rename, something like custom_functionshell will do! What you can do now is drag and drop this broken file onto your desktop, this will just make a copy of it that can open with notepad, leave that for now and go and get the original custom_functions file and drag and drop it into you FTP it won’t copy over the other as you renamed it.

OK now your site should be working again, so login and go to your wordpress dashboard and under Thesis on the left open up your custom file editor and select custom_functions.php and click on edit selected file, your page should be back to how it looked when you first activated Thesis with the text put there by the Thesis team. Now if you go to the broken custom_functions file you put on your desktop and double click on it, it will open up with notepad, delete the last bit of code you added before the dreaded syntax error and also delete all the text put there by the Thesis team, copy and paste the rest into your custom_functions page in your custom file editor and hit big ass save. Now all should be back to normal and you can breath again.

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Thesis Mechanic & Site Construction Engineer. Tom Is an enthusiastic Wordpress Thesis designer and web developer. loves coding and playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar!

  • Clayton Gagnier May 11, 2012, 6:55 am

    Very well written article. It will be helpful to everyone who usess it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

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