New Cookie Law

cooky law

Thousands of UK websites are now in breach of a law that dictates what they can log about visitors. European laws that define what details sites can record in text files called cookies came into force on 26 May. Cookies are widely used to customize what repeat visitors see on a site and by advertisers [...]

Fix custom_functions.php file Thesis

thesis logo

Thesis custom function file. Oh no the hair pulling fingernail biting syntax error moment just after you added some coding to your custom_functions.php file. Whatever you do WordPress has well and truly blocked you out, hey you can't even find your login page it seems to have floated off somewhere into cyber heaven never to [...]

Change the custom-sample folder to custom, in Thesis


Thesis custom folder. Congratulations!!! If you're reading this article then you have just got yourself one of the best web design frameworks on the market, so you downloaded it unziped it, installed it into word press and now its telling you you have to change the custom-sample folder to "custom" Welcome to the world of [...]

Free apps for web design

free apps

Apps for web design. Before getting started building your blog or website its a good idea to have a small collection of useful  applications on your computer. First and foremost, STOP using windows Internet explorer! This is probably the worst web browser available at present and although you want to build your site to be [...]

WordPress plugins


I've put together a collection of six plugins to get you started. Plugins are like mini apps that add  certain features to your WordPress platform, they are usually available free and are constantly being updated with new ones being regularly developed, so there is a shelf life to this article although the principle will be the same with all [...]

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