WordPress Themes


When you first install WordPress there is an automatic default theme already installed, however, if you wish to change this and you probably will as the pre loaded theme is a little bland. The type of theme you will need all depends on what your blog is all about. What all themes have in common is a header [...]

Turn a picture into a link button!

Linking up

First you need your picture. If you don’t have one, you can use windows snipping tool or screen capture and take one from the web, it’s a good idea to check its ok to do this with the site owner your taking it from, but if your linking to that site then it looks much [...]

How to embed YouTube video into WordPress

This is great for tutorials, or adding a bit of spice to your blog.   Write your blog post, as it’s a good idea to save everything you do in WordPress,  write the post in word first, when you’ve done that, go into your wordpress dashboard, select new post,  under post, and paste your post into [...]

Break out the multi-level secret weapon?

  I was at a networking meeting the other day for one of the Uk’s better energy and telecom providers, and I got talking to a guy, and asked him why he joined a network marketing company, “I lost my pension in the 2008 crash”!  A story all too common these days. After two years in [...]

How to verify your site with webmaster tools

Verify your site with Google You'll need to verify your site with all the search engines in order to appear in the search rankings. Lets look at Google tools First go on over to Google accounts and sign up! This can be your name@gmail.com for example, then head to Google webmaster tools and sign in. Web master tools is [...]

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