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Apps for web design. Before getting started building your blog or website its a good idea to have a small collection of useful  applications on your computer. First and foremost, STOP using windows Internet explorer! This is probably the worst web browser available at present and although you want to build your site to be [...]

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Autoresponders You've probably heard the name before and I’ll just be clear: it’s not an out-of-office reply. They are actually a brilliant bit of online software that is designed to generate a mailing list via the use of a capture form on your website or blog. Each person that signs up to your mailing list [...]

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I've put together a collection of six plugins to get you started. Plugins are like mini apps that add  certain features to your WordPress platform, they are usually available free and are constantly being updated with new ones being regularly developed, so there is a shelf life to this article although the principle will be the same with all [...]

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When you first install WordPress there is an automatic default theme already installed, however, if you wish to change this and you probably will as the pre loaded theme is a little bland. The type of theme you will need all depends on what your blog is all about. What all themes have in common is a header [...]

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First you need your picture. If you don’t have one, you can use windows snipping tool or screen capture and take one from the web, it’s a good idea to check its ok to do this with the site owner your taking it from, but if your linking to that site then it looks much [...]

This is great for tutorials, or adding a bit of spice to your blog.   Write your blog post, as it’s a good idea to save everything you do in WordPress,  write the post in word first, when you’ve done that, go into your wordpress dashboard, select new post,  under post, and paste your post into [...]

Verify your site with Google You'll need to verify your site with all the search engines in order to appear in the search rankings. Lets look at Google tools First go on over to Google accounts and sign up! This can be your name@gmail.com for example, then head to Google webmaster tools and sign in. Web master tools is [...]

Follow me on Facebook buttons? First of all, you need to click here for the html code to get your buttons working! Actually you can use this code to assign any button to any link, once you've got these 4 buttons working you'll understand how to do that. So click the link and have a good look [...]

How to link Godaddy to Hostgator thumbnail

Web Hosting? Go to godaddy.com and get a go daddy domain, then in the, godaddy log in page, register and activate your domain name, (beware of the other services they are offering, they are not necessary just yet and you can always go back later if you need them) Go to Hostgator.com and get yourself one of their hosting [...]

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