Fix custom_functions.php file Thesis thumbnail

Thesis custom function file. Oh no the hair pulling fingernail biting syntax error moment just after you added some coding to your custom_functions.php file. Whatever you do WordPress has well and truly blocked you out, hey you can't even find your login page it seems to have floated off somewhere into cyber heaven never to [...]

Change the custom-sample folder to custom, in Thesis thumbnail

Thesis custom folder. Congratulations!!! If you're reading this article then you have just got yourself one of the best web design frameworks on the market, so you downloaded it unziped it, installed it into word press and now its telling you you have to change the custom-sample folder to "custom" Welcome to the world of [...]

Free apps for web design thumbnail

Apps for web design. Before getting started building your blog or website its a good idea to have a small collection of useful  applications on your computer. First and foremost, STOP using windows Internet explorer! This is probably the worst web browser available at present and although you want to build your site to be [...]

Autoresponders thumbnail

Autoresponders You've probably heard the name before and I’ll just be clear: it’s not an out-of-office reply. They are actually a brilliant bit of online software that is designed to generate a mailing list via the use of a capture form on your website or blog. Each person that signs up to your mailing list [...]

  I was at a networking meeting the other day for one of the Uk’s better energy and telecom providers, and I got talking to a guy, and asked him why he joined a network marketing company, “I lost my pension in the 2008 crash”!  A story all too common these days. After two years in [...]

Follow me on Facebook buttons? First of all, you need to click here for the html code to get your buttons working! Actually you can use this code to assign any button to any link, once you've got these 4 buttons working you'll understand how to do that. So click the link and have a good look [...]

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