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Niche markets and micro niche market Choosing a niche market is paramount to your success online, what this really means is choosing a market with little or no competition, there is no point being no 75,000 in Google rankings, however if you choose the right niche market and the right domain name then you can get up [...]

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Autoresponders You've probably heard the name before and I’ll just be clear: it’s not an out-of-office reply. They are actually a brilliant bit of online software that is designed to generate a mailing list via the use of a capture form on your website or blog. Each person that signs up to your mailing list [...]

This has been one of the biggest questions in internet marketing circles for a long time now. There’s an awful lot of controversy and discussion about this subject all over the web, and in all honesty there is no real answer. So much comes down to what you are marketing! For example, if you’re an [...]

What and How!   Network marketing has received a lot of bad press over the years, due to its comparison to pyramid schemes and very low returns for the distributor. I’ll cover pyramid schemes in a later blog post. I remember the first time I was introduced to network marketing twenty five years ago before the [...]

Getting started With the evolution of Network marketing and the internet revolution. It’s no wonder that so many people are turning towards an extra income and a new life in the form of a home business! Home business, Multi-level marketing (MLM) or networking.   With the arrival of the internet and computer systems made easier [...]

How network marketing works! So what is network marketing? what is home based business? Why MLM and what is an affiliate? Imagine you want to sell a product for a network marketing company. You're convinced that product will sell so you join up, pay a membership fee and receive some training, marketing materials and a [...]

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